Feminine “feel good” exercise activates and unleashes the innate powers of you!

Hello… your powers calling!! Well there you are! We’ve been waiting inside you this whole time!! Are you ready to explore and connect into your feel good power? I bet your wondering “feel good” whats so amazing about that? And how can this change my life? Well that’s a “good” question because it sounds like your ready for an empowering change!

Now its your time to plug-n-play with the feel good energy, that’s, ready to empower you a new way of feeling, doing and receiving. Yipee for this reunion because were one of your “powerful” birth “inherited” advocates. This “feel good” connection will open up shining ways, that turn’s on the magic, of your Signature Essence within you!!

Ready to feed yourself with these feel good appetizers of 1–2–3’s:

(1) Stand- up, close your eyes think of one thing you would like to feel better about, notice how your feeling and maybe how your body might be swaying.

(2) Now playfully imagine planting that thought inside it’s own air bubble, which automatically floats the thought up up and away. Then place your hand on your heart and only focus your attention on the back center of your spine, behind your heart between the shoulder blades. Breath into that slowly counting 1–2–3.

(3) Eyes still closed, check into how your feeling, now think of that thought or feeling you want to up lift and focus your attention back on the center of your spine behind the heart, at the same time “slowly” breath in and out through that connection while counting 1–2–3.

Now notice the relief you are feeling, this is the beginning of lighting your power!!