Lakshmi Ananda, Enlightenment Motivator, and Founder of Pillow Pow Therapy with Self Care Enlightenments.

Her mission:  Guide others how to empower themselves; thru the Self Care Enlightenments; that positively reset E-motions, Beliefs & Behaviors. This powerful outside-the-box therapeutic fun is with Pillow POW Therapy!

YES, you get to Pillow Pow Out the Stressors, playfully connect within your Enlighten Self Care System and move beyond the B.S.!!

Lakshmi‘s passion is to inspire others how toAPPLY” their Innate POWERS; to Release, Renewal & Manifest Anew! This way you can SEE*FEEL*BE living the Greater Version, that’s “heartfullywaiting “heavenly” inward!!
Lakshmi learned that loving who you are, including the dark-n-light sides of self, as empowering allies, is an energy of less resistance, assisting you to live your Enlighten Potential!!

At first Lakshmi’s passion didn’t come all shiny and pretty. It was birthed from multiple life-threatening traumatic events, depression, suicidal attempts, physical abuses and sexual assaults. Her internal pain lead Lakshmi to find court vindication, where justice was served on 3 sexual assault cases. The rest were left unreported.

Lakshmi moved herself foreword by connecting into a relationship with her Source*Spirit*Soul through meditation and doing the downloaded, therapeutic, feel good “Divinely infused“, “Self Care Enlightenments“, that was intuitively given to her during these meditations.

Experiencing past traumas and the on-going Divine connection is what motivated Lakshmi’s mission — to guide others how to do their own Self Care Enlightenments, so they too can release belief stressors, reset upsetting emotions, body image, uplift thoughts & enhance self esteem.

Lakshmi wanted to integrate some conventional mind/body modalities with these Enlighten Exercises. So, during her self-help quest, Lakshmi became a certified Hypnotherapist, Life coach, and Behavioral therapist, and explored an extensive array of other healing modalities.

No matter what else she learned, Lakshmi kept sticking with what really saved her life, which was doing those playful, feel good, Source*Spirit*Soul Self Care Enlightenments.

Even decades later, Lakshmi still feels empowered and “safe” about being inside her now untarnished body. And she proudly honors all the parts of who she is, no matter what!! For some time, she’s been receiving an energetic non-stop butt-kicking from her Light Sources, to teach Self Care Enlightenments. Her empowering experiences are the other motivating reason why Lakshmi formulated the, PPT method, called Pillow POW Therapy, that brings together thee Source*Spirit*Soul downloaded S.C.E. collections, out of the box, therapeutic, fun exercises. So you can POW Out the Stressors & ENLIGHTEN YOURSELF THROUGH IT, with!!