Thoughts, Feelings, and E-motions are energetically held within the temple of your mind and body!

images-5Pillow Pow Therapy (PPT) is an alternative method, that embodies a process called Self Care Enlightenment (a.k.a.) S.C.E.  Where you POW OUT or intend what your choosing to (release)reset.  Now your slate is cleared; your ready for the guidance of S.C.E. to reframe your new way of being, as a positive replacement. Congratulation you just playfully “raised yourself up” through your Self Care System of Source*Spirit*Soul!  So every time you embody S.C.E. your strengthening (like a muscle) the MindBodyEmotional responses in sustaining this organic upGraded alignment.  Resulting that you “deserve” to “feel good” about yourself & YES it’s “SAFE” to Embody, living your highest potential!

body-mind-soul-spirit Every PillowPowClass/PhoneSession is new experience.   Giving you opportunities to reset pop up mental, emotional, stressors & concerns.  Then in class your use  your inner powers to positively reframe those parts of yourself a.k.a. old versions that gets in the way of manifesting Anew!  On top of that in every class; your step into the magic of your manifesting powers, by choosing something specific, you would like to manifest in your life.  Come re-charge, re-train, and strengthen your mind and body to be more comfortable “holding” the higher “feel good” frequencies and become the highest potential of you!!

Remember, if you’re mostly entertaining those pop-up low negative energy thoughts, this will become your stronger connection – where your mind goes first! Then it becomes super difficult to attract what you want to manifest or behaviorally change.  Why because your energetically blocking the higher frequencies of your innate Self Care System; that’s manifesting in your Highest Potential. This is what your PillowPowClass/PHONE SESSION is all about :-))

You get to learn playfully ways; in how to be a positive manager of thoughts and situations that comes up.  Examples like: pity, unworthiness, feeling not good enough or not deserving, being uncomfortable receiving from others, saying negative stuff about yourself, or even feeling uneasy about looking into the mirror and saying the many things that you “love” about yourself. Gosh, the list can be endless!

If this sounds like you – caught in the habit of the “yucky” BullCaCa zone, or feeling like you’re losing yourself in the “negative” low energy zone, then it’s a sign to get the yuck OUT!! Are you ready to “POW” in a fresh start living from your highest potential! NOW, it’s time to join within a safe enlightenment playful space at your next Pillow POW Therapy Class/ PHONE SESSION ;-))


Benefits You Receive

  • SEE-FEEL-BE Loving Who You ARE… “Flaws-n-Ahh’s”… Celebrate Yourself!!
  • Safe NON-judgmental EmPowerment – FUN supportive space
  • Activate your Signature Power – Get “Re-Charged” – Magnetize your Desires
  • RELIEVE Stuckness, Frustrations, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Seriousness, Feeling not good enough!
  • YES – Express “OUT LOUD” – POW IT OUT!!!
  • Feel Good – POW-POW-POW-Play-Play-Play-Fun-Fun-Fun “Ahh… Relief”
  • Life-n-Self Breakthroughs
  • Exercise – Positive mind – Release charged stressful emotions – Turn-UP POSITIVE BODY ESTEEM !!
  • ENHANCE courage, confidence, joy, sensuality, spirituality, “High Vibrations,” intuition, self-trust, manifesting powers, and achieving goals.
  • Engage the dark-n-light sides of self as your Personal, Empowering Allies!!
  • Inspired Mind-Body-Emotions to embrace a Healthy Positive Pro-Active relationship with SELF
GUARANTEED: As You POW OUT the STRESSORS with the combination of doing these Divinely infused Self Care Enlightenments, you’ll be increasing Endorphins that are responsible for releasing the rooted stress, creating*Healthy*Happy*Positive*Thoughts/Emotional Esteem!!

Be The Greater Version