Pillow POW Therapy Class Series!

Classes are scheduled as a series of four sessions that meet every other week, over a period of two months. Choose from two sign up groups, which meet on either Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Each POW class is unique, so you will experience something different every time and leave feeling empowered!! Call Lakshmi at 916-737-8587 for questions and to RSVP your class date.

What to Bring
BRING your (non-feather) pillow, and water bottle (so you can take home water charged with your positive manifesting intentions!!) Wear comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement, like an exercise outfit or yoga pants. Please remove your shoes at the door.

Pillow Rental
BRING your own non-feathered pillow, or rent one of ours for $4 (check or cash please).
All POW Pillows are washed and energetically blessed, loved and cleansed after each POW use.

You are considered a “member” whenever you are enrolled in a Pillow POW class series.
As a member, you also receive discounts on the personal nurturing sessions listed below.

Payments for the series can be made online or in person. To pay in person, or for individual classes, PLEASE arrive 15 minutes EARLY with check or cash.

Series/Membership: $120 (4 classes for $30 per class)
Private POW OUT Party: $280 (maximum 9 Goddess Warriors)
Individual Classes: $35* (call for availability)

* Sign up for a series or bring a NEW guest, pay $30 per person for individual classes.

Space is limited so reserve early! Call Lakshmi at 916-737-8587 to RSVP your class date.

Individual Classes, 7pm to 8:30
Coming Soon – FREE introduction sign up event “POW OUT THE BULLSH!T”
Magical Full Moon Release POW OUT!
POW OUT-n-Tune into Your Powers!

Coming soon Wednesday Series, 7pm to 8:30 at a Las Vegas Residence
Dates: being determined

Sessions with Lakshmi
During each of these powerful sessions, you’ll be relaxing on a comfortable table as you treat yourself to this pampering time, which leaves you feeling good and positively inspired.

*****SPECIAL located in Morgan Hill, Referral-n-Reward Rate of $45 for 45min*****
Receive a Relax-n-Access Bars session, for you and your referral, Call 916-737-8587

Amazing Alpha Sonic (60 min)
POW Member: $85
Non-member: $110
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These amazing inaudible sound waves produce specific signals within the 8 to 14 HZ range that has been scientifically identified as being key in activating your body’s natural healing process! This session feels like a gentle, pulsating, all over massage, which quickly provides relaxation, relief, pain release & decreased body inflammations. These alpha waves are designed to flow through all your meridians, organs, glands and connective tissues. It’s like acupuncture without the needles!!
Awesome Access Bars (60 min)
POW Member $80
Non-member $100
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Bars are the 32 meridian points located on your head, when gently touched you instantly go into a “SPA” relaxed mind/body state!! Bar points relate to things like: money, creativity, sexuality, relationships, body image, emotions, aging, hopes & dreams. So if any of these areas are causing you some form of limitations, this session creates a lasting change consciously & subconsciously. Now you can start making improvements without the past behavioral patterns dictating your actions. Receive stress/anxiety relief, attain better sleep and start achieving your life long goals.
Relax-n-Renewal Session (45min)
POW Member $70
Non-member $85
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This nurturing session was given to Lakshmi by the Divine Source during one of her meditations. This powerful session releases stuckness by giving a healing “hello” to all the different parts of you, including your organs, DNA, mind-n-body system and even your inner goals, dreams and other energetic parts that make up of who you are. This session will recharge and renew you through the acknowledgment coming from your Signature Soul Essence! Come enjoy the relief and limitless benefits you deserve!
*Combination Sessions* – Alpha-n-Bars, Alpha-n-RelaxRenewal, and Bars-n-RelaxRenewal (90 min)
See Amazing Alpha Sonic, Awesome Access Bars, and Relax-n-Renewal descriptions above.

POW Member $110
Non-member $130
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