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EMBODY Self Care Enlightenment!!

Purpose:  You get to Reset Upsetting Emotions*Beliefs*Behaviors! Learn to playfully “Rise Yourself Up”, with theraputic Divinely infused Self Care Enlightenment/LIVE YOUR HEARTSoul VISION!!

  • Are you ready to release those nagging BELIEF BARRIERS!!
  • What do you want to *Manifest Anew*, NOW LETS DO IT !!
  • YES YOU DESERVE to feel understood, heard, valued & supported!!
  • Is frustration, illness, anxiety, worry, depression, anger, etc, effecting your health, goals & dreams, lets CHANGE THAT!!
  • Is being positive & doing affirmations, not working, NOW its time to POW OUT the *Stressors* and RISE Yourself BEYOND the BS!!

Self Care Enlightenment (a.k.a) S.C.E.

S.C.E. is the holistic approach used with PillowPowTherapy; that enlightens you to the powers of your innate Self Care System!  Bringing solutions to any stress within mind, body, emotions, behaviors & situations. This is achieved thru PillowPowTherapy class/PHONE SESSIONS.

S.C.E.  Aligns your MindBodyEmotions; to be Divinely awakened by the innate Consciousness of your Source*Spirit*Soul.  This higher innate consciousness is the Self Care System powering who you truly are! A divinely weaved; unlimited vibrational being, in both human, spiritual form, filled with innate healing connections, intuition, solutions, inherit talents & gifts!

S.C.E. raises the vibrational energies that your MindBody is made of; to an upGraded Higher Frequency.  This upGraded benefit will; detox those lower resisting situational energies, that’s surrounding what your “choosing” to moveBeyond!!

How because the nature of your higher frequency is Source*Spirit*Soul.  This transforms (resets) the causes of mental & emotional disSTRESS.  Assisting you to positively moveBeyond stressful beliefs, triggers, upsetting emotions, situations, etc, back to Higher State of Self Care Enlightenment!!

So now are you ready to ReSet your “Manifesting MindBody” & create infinite Possibilites!

If you thought “OH YES!” or even “Hmmm… I’m curious,” it’s your time to have some fun playing Pillow Pow! Pow! Pow!  Doing S.C.E. as you align with the powers of your Source*Spirit*Soul at Pillow POW Therapy and move yourself beyond the B.S!!

Mission Statement

    It’s Your “BirthRight” to “LOVE” Your “SELF” Through It.   Celebrate ALL PARTS of You NO MATTER WHAT!!
stress ball2MindBody STRESSORS examples…
Being Hijacked by Yuck (negative)Thoughts
Self Sabotage
Not Valuing Self
Low Self-esteem
Feeling Stuck
Health Issues
Painful Triggers
Feeling ‘not good enough’
Can’t Shake it off
Feeling Anger
Feeling Ugly
Bull CaCa Body Image
Feeling UnWorthy
Triggered Emotions
What am I here to do?
Feeling MisUnderstood
Not Happy
As you can see, “Stressors” includes anything that makes you Unhappy, Upset, Uncomfortable & Un-lightened!

So the “BullCaCa” out, have some Fun-n-Laughs,
and Celebrate the Extraordinary Awesome Being that You Are Inherently Designed To Be!!* With * Pillow POW Therapy **
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